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      Effective January 20, 2017 North Wind Group acquires Portage Inc.


Portage is an engineering and environmental services firm based in Idaho, with projects located throughout the country. Portage delivers successful projects for our clients in the following areas:

Environmental Services

Portage has managed numerous environmental restoration projects across the U.S. ranging from small, individual site projects to large, multimillion-dollar projects. Expertise includes characterization, remediation, waste containerization, transportation, and safe disposition of radiologically and chemically contaminated soil and debris. Portage also provides environmental compliance expertise for a full spectrum of environmental regulations, including NEPA (analysis and process administration); CWA; CAA; CERCLA (evaluations, treatment design, removal, and disposal); and RCRA (permitting, assessments and closures).

Information Technology Services

Portage has a highly qualified group of software developers with experience in a variety of applications. The team specializes in database and web application development. We also have professional network administrators, system administrators, and architecture designers with experience in a wide variety of systems. The team specializes in small to medium Windows™ based networks, with experience in Linux systems.

Technical Publications

Portage writers and editors have an average of more than 20 years of experience in technical and business-related publications. Whether you need a team of writers and editors to produce a complete line of technical documents or a single writer/editor for a brief project, our publications team will meet your needs with a cost-effective solution. Each of our writers and editors is proficient in the use of industry-standard publishing tools, and each of our writers/editors has core competencies across multiple industries in addition to extensive experience with documents for the environmental and engineering fields.

Quality Assurance

Portage has 15 years of experience in implementing our corporate QA Program on Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and a variety of private-sector projects. The Portage QA Program is ISO 9001:2008 certified by a third-party registrar certification. We are committed to delivery of high-quality performance in meeting the goals of this contract and will implement quality standards tailored to the specific requirements of the contract.

Engineering Services

Portage provides a broad range of in-house and field engineering services to federal, state, local and tribal government agencies and private sector clients throughout the country as well as support at military facilities in the U.S. and overseas. Engineering services include civil, chemical, environmental, mechanical and nuclear engineering associated with environmental restoration projects, military construction, and operation of nuclear facilities.

Design Build Services

Portage has a business partnership with Oftedal Construction, Inc. to provide design build services for civil and infrastructure projects. Using our extensive civil engineering experience and capitalizing on Oftedal’s construction and heavy equipment experience we provide a high level of service to our regional clients.

Waste Management Services

Portage has broad experience managing projects involving radioactive, hazardous, mixed and industrial waste, including characterization, excavation, packaging, transportation, and offsite disposal, particularly for large scale government cleanup projects.

Geographic Information Systems

Portage maintains a complete geomatics program that implements progressive geospatial technologies. Areas of expertise include data capture, generation, and editing; spatial database development and management; geospatial analysis; image/raster processing and analysis; environmental remote sensing; computer programming and application development; cartography; and custom GIS solutions.

Energy Services

Portage provides facility energy audits, identifies energy- and cost-saving solutions, and manages and implements energy-saving projects and programs. The company has extensive background in managing utilities, calculating utility rates, and writing utility contracts.



Portage is the best-in-class provider of comprehensive engineering and technical solutions for environmental, infrastructure, and energy projects. We partner with our clients to create cleaner, safer and sustainable communities.
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