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      Effective January 20, 2017 North Wind Group acquires Portage Inc.



At Portage, we produce documents that meet the goals, expectations, and deadlines of our clients, and we have a long record of satisfied customers. Portage technical publications professionals are also well versed in the use of document control systems, including systematic document reviews.

  • Reports
  • Plans
  • Manuals
  • Administrative and operating procedures
  • Policies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Engineering design documentation
  • Marketing materials (including proposals, brochures, business-line descriptions, and résumés)
  • Document design
  • Final document production.

A résumé for Portage’s technical writing/editing experience would include a long list of satisfied clients and successful projects. A sampling of these projects includes the following:

  • For delivery to the DOE at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), a team of Portage editors produced a 328- page report presenting the results of environmental investigations at 67 solid waste management units and areas of concern. The purpose of the investigation was to determine the nature and extent of potential contamination at these sites and to ensure that past operations involving hazardous chemicals and radioactive material would not threaten human health and safety or the environment. Working with multiple authors, our team edited the text to create a singular voice and comply with LANL’s Editing and Compositing Guidelines.
  • For the U.S. Army, a Portage editor was a key player in producing an environmental assessment documenting potential impacts from mountainous-environment helicopter training to be conducted in Hawaii for aviators before deployment to Afghanistan. Challenges posed by this project included a compressed schedule and a significant amount of new data requiring incorporation in the late stages of document development. This project also posed the challenge of ensuring that a multitude of Hawaiian words were used correctly, including the proper accent symbols, in order to maintain credibility with, and avoid offending, Native Hawaiians.
  • For the BLM Upper Snake Field Office (Idaho), a Portage editor has supported preparation of a draft resource management plan/environmental impact statement. Services during the 1-year project have included designing the document, incorporating review comments, assisting recreation planners in drafting environmental impacts, and ensuring consistency throughout the document in content, style, and voice.
  • For a private land-holdings corporation, Portage provided full-service writing and editing support for two companion documents—an engineer’s inspection report and a quantitative and qualitative vegetation assessment report, both pertaining to a historical mining site that was recently entered into the State of Idaho’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. The inspection report and vegetation assessment provided data in multiple forms and offered in-depth, scientific analyses. Editorial challenges were presented by the inclusion of numerous photos, maps, and tables. Also, content detailing inspection and assessment of vegetation and seed mixes included numerous Latin terms for plant species.



Portage is the best-in-class provider of comprehensive engineering and technical solutions for environmental, infrastructure, and energy projects. We partner with our clients to create cleaner, safer and sustainable communities.
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