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      Effective January 20, 2017 North Wind Group acquires Portage Inc.


Water is once again flowing over the Santa Clara spillway in Northern New Mexico. Portage, Inc. recently completed a project to provide engineering design services to the Santa Clara Pueblo for repair of the Pin Dee Pond Spillway.

Over time, water had eroded the materials beneath the dam spillway, causing it to collapse. The dam could no longer be used for water storage due to stability and safety concerns. Portage coordinated surveying and preparation of a site map, and then prepared engineering design plans and specifications for the spillway rehabilitation.

Repairs included removal of unsuitable concrete and subgrade materials, earthwork and embankment reconstruction, installation of subsurface drains, and concrete cut-off wall and slab construction.

The Santa Clara Spillway project was completed as part of Portage’s Northern New Mexico Community Outreach Program, a program designed to allow Portage to work more closely with the communities where it is located. Each year, Portage identifies projects for which the company’s expertise can be put to use to directly benefit local communities.

Santa Clara Governor Walter Dasheno noted that he “appreciates the assistance that Santa Clara received from Portage on the project and the partnership we have developed. I look forward to a continued relationship of working together with Portage in the future.”

According to Portage President Mike Spry, “projects like the Santa Clara spillway are great because they allow the Portage staff to put their expertise to work to directly benefit the communities where we operate and to see direct benefits from our work.”

Portage is an engineering and environmental services firm based in Idaho and working throughout the United States. The company performs work for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other federal and state agencies, tribal governments and private industry.



Portage is staffed with highly skilled technical and professional personnel
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  • Industrial Hygienists
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